Knowledgebase : Referral Program
Yes! And we encourage you to do so. We'll give you all the tools you need to customize your links.

For example, you can change the wording in the question box. Specific terms are best. Our default is "Ask an Expert." If you have a car site, for example, we suggest you change the wording to "Ask a Mechanic."
Explanations and further comments about our service on your site is a good thing!

Here are some examples:

"We have partnered with to provide access to motor mechanics online."

"JustAnswer has thousands of certified motor mechanics who are available to answer questions about your car. Answers are usually provided in under ten minutes and often include pictures or video."

"We cannot answer every legal question on this website. However, we have partnered with, which allows you to ask questions of one of their thousands of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal Experts."
Yes! Users who come to our site from your referral link will receive a cookie that identifies you as the referral partner and it is active for a year! Of course, we cannot track sales if cookies are erased and, if there are multiple referrers, then our system defaults to the most recent cookie before the registration.
This is JustAnswer’s strongest point. Our Experts go through a strict review process before being allowed to join. They are also subject to peer reviews on a daily basis. Experts that do not maintain a positive user ranking of 95% or better are removed from the site. JustAnswer Experts are licensed/certified in their respective fields, or have proven to be skilled in specific areas.
When someone comes to our site via your link and registers, we save your information as the referrer on their account. This works for both users and other websites and happens automatically when people register using your links.
For every user who asks a question and accepts the answer, you will receive 10% of their payment when they accept an answer (subject to active participation in the program per the referral agreement).

If a website registers using your link and starts to earn income, you get 10% of their earnings as well (subject to the referral agreement).

Partners that have over $500 in revenues generated per month will receive up to 12% of user referrals (not on other website referrals).
This depends on time of day and complexity of the questions, but most questions are answered in minutes.
Please see this quote from one of our affiliates:

"I like JustAnswer’s referral program for several reasons. First, it fits well with the flow of AutoBeef. Someone who enters a complaint about their Chevy, for example, is automatically offered the chance to ask a question of a certified Chevy Mechanic. The JustAnswer question box is also great because it's an interactive element that integrates really well into our web pages - it's not just another banner ad. Second, JustAnswer is a very positive addition to and its branding. Our site visitors find JustAnswer is an easy, helpful, & extremely valuable service. Third, the JustAnswer question box works very well displayed in conjunction with our existing Adsense ads. Since adding a JustAnswer question box, I was pleasantly surprised that income from JustAnswer added to our revenue stream without any change to our Adsense numbers."
No problem! Our accurate statistical probability algorithms automatically route all questions to the right Experts. Furthermore, our staff of Experts and moderators monitor and reroute any miscategorized question, should it end up in the wrong category.
Once your account balance reaches $20, you can request your earnings. We send earnings to our affiliates using paypal on the first business day of the month, if you request it. You can request payment here.
Conversions are coming in fastest from pages where:

  • the customer has an immediate problem
  • there is a specific problem, diagnosis, symptom or purchase the customer has just made.


  • A customer looking up a heath problem can ask a doctor
  • A customer looking up an issue with their car can ask a mechanic
  • A customer that just subscribed to a legal journal can be asked if they want to ask a lawyer a question
  • A customer that just ordered a dog treat can ask questions of a veterinarian or breeder

Our partners often also find that the customers like to read about an issue, and then ask a question. So, we find placements alongside your articles works well.

Another effective location is the "contact us" pages. Many of our partners prefer not to answer general questions from their readers, so access to a JustAnswer Expert is a good option.