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HTML cannot be used in your posts. This is done for security reasons because malicious HTML code can be used to destroy the layout of JustAnswer or even crash a web browser when a user tries to view a post.
How can I post images? To include an image in your message, you can either upload the image from your own computer or provide a link to the image on the web. To add an image, click on the icon (picture) of a tree (above the reply box on your question p...
Emoticons (or smileys) are small graphical images that can be used to express feelings or show emotions. To add an emoticon to your post, simply click on the emoticon you would like to use.
Forum Codes allow you to format the messages you post. Forum Codes are very similar to HTML except tags are enclosed in square brackets, [ and ], rather than, < and >. Click here to view Forum Codes that are available.