I posted an Info Request and then another Expert responded. Why?
Posted by Tammy Falkner, Last modified by on May 06 2006 06:14 PM
An Info Request (IR) does not claim a question. Anyone can post another IR or answer after the first one. However, this policy was created so as to prevent Experts from running around and posting unnecessary IRs to try to claim questions for themselves. Admin expects everyone to exercise a certain amount of courtesy and politeness for their fellow Experts, and to utilize a reasonable amount of intuition in thinking of things from a customer's perspective. Multiple IRs, posted right after one another by different Experts, can lead to customer confusion and ill will between Experts. It's not against the rules, but is not looked upon favorably. Most Experts come to discern, after a little bit of time spent in any one category, whether an Expert is posting IRs to claim a question as their own, or whether they are posting IR's for a valid reason. They might need the info in order to give the best answer, or they may be trying to reengage a customer if the question has been sitting without an answer for many hours. The latter should still be an IR that is needed to answer the question.

That said, there are times when a perfectly valid IR should be ignored in favor of getting the customer an answer as soon as possible. For instance, if a health customer posts a question and appears to need the fastest answer possible. If an Expert posts an IR, but another Expert feels they can answer it quickly and efficiently, and a valid answer needs to be posted immediately, then that is what should be done, and the moderator on duty should be notified by using the report tools on the customer's question box. Like most things in business and in life, a little bit of common sense goes a long way.

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