The Customer thanked me but did not accept. Can I still be paid?
Posted by Tammy Falkner, Last modified by on June 25 2006 01:36 AM
A moderator MAY be able to give you a "no click accept" in a situation like this.

Here are the rules:

1.) A 'Thank You' from a Customer is not enough to gain the Accept -- if a Customer thanks you, that is a perfect invitation/opportunity for you to ask them for the Accept.

2.) The Customer must clearly state (either on the question thread, or in an e-mail or PM) that they Accept the answer. The word 'Accept' does not have to be used. They could, instead, say something like: 'Please pay [Expert's name or Username]'.

3.) If there is an answer from more than one Expert on the question thread, the Customer must clearly indicate which answer they want to Accept/pay for or which Expert they want to pay.

4.) Requests for 'No-Click Accepts involving Customer statements on the question thread can be submitted by the Expert. Please include a Link/URL to the question in the request.

5.) Customer statements/requests made by e-mail must be submitted directly by the Customer.

6.) No-Click Accept Requests (from Experts or directly from customers) should be submitted via e-mail to: [email protected].

7.) Accepts gained under this policy will be paid under the usual ratings-related percentages. However, payments will be reduced to the extent that the question value (dollar amount) exceeds the dollar amount on deposit in the customer's JustAnswer account.

8.) With the exception of Rule #7, Accepts gained under this policy will be treated in exactly the same manner (e.g. with respect to statistics, ratings, reports, etc.) as 'normal' Accepts.

9.) This policy takes effect on 01/25/2006 and is not retroactive. Answer posts submitted to questions which were closed prior to the effective date are not eligible. Answer posts submitted to re-listed question threads are eligible if the Answer posts are dated on, or after, the effective date of this policy.
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