What accounting reports are available for my use and how do I use them?
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There are ten reports that are available for your use. You can access them by going to "My Account" then "My Reports." Use the drop down box to access the report that you need.
  1. Question Expenses- These are the questions that you have posted yourself. If you accepted an answer, you will find it here.
  2. Unaccepted Questions- These are the questions that you have posted in which you did not accept an answer.
  3. Answer Earnings- Accepted answers are the answers that you have posted that have been accepted. (You got paid!)
  4. Unaccepted Answers- These are the questions that you have answered that were not accepted and another Expert's response was chosen over yours. You can use this report to find out if your Accept Rate has dropped.
  5. Pending Answers- These are answers that you have posted that have not been accepted yet. These questions are only visible on this report while they are pending (waiting for the customer to reply). This is usually no more than 24 hours after you answer the question.
  6. Not Yet Accepted- This report lists all of the Customers that have paid the deposit but have not yet accepted your answer. This report is helpful because you can use the "send response" links on each post to send a reminder email to the Customer, encouraging them to come back and accept your answer. Some Customers don't realize that they have to actually hit the accept button and, when you send this form letter to them, the process is explained to them again. This report only shows Customers who have not yet accepted for the past 7 days so be sure to check it frequently.
  7. Paid Out Earnings- This report shows the amount that has paid to you via paypal per month as an Expert.
  8. Chat expenses- If you engage an Expert in chat, this reports show how much you have spent per month getting answers to your own questions.
  9. Chat Earnings- If a Customer engages you in chat, this report details how much you have earned per chat session per month.
  10. Referral Program- This reports shows the money that you have earned through Customer referrals to JustAnswer!

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