Can I post followup notes to the Customer if they don't accept, urging them to do so or to see if they still need followup?
Posted by Tammy Falkner, Last modified by on May 06 2006 07:11 PM
No. The site already sends emails to the Customer after a question closes, requesting that they come back and pay their Expert. If you want to send a note to your Customer, the only acceptable method of doing so is using the reporting functions made available by the Not Yet Accepted report. Do not post reminders on the question page.
To generate an email using the Not Yet Accepted report:
  • Click on the "My Account" link.
  • Select "My Reports."
  • Choose "Not Yet Accepted Answers" from the drop down menu.
  • Click "Send Response." You can also send the reminder email to all the Customers in your list at once.

If you'd like to add a note to your signature line or the body of your last correspondence with the customer, you may do so. But you may not post again on the page solely to ask for the accept.
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