What's the difference between Earnings Subtotal and Total Earnings in the Reports Menu?
Posted by Tammy Falkner, Last modified by on November 12 2009 07:02 AM
“Earnings Subtotal” is the total dollar amount you have earned via customer accepts and bonuses in the current month. “Current Earnings on Account” is the current account balance, which includes the Earnings Subtotal for the month, and also takes into account any manual adjustments to your account (e.g. for refunds) , and any earnings from a previous month that have not yet been paid out.

For example, if an Expert earns US$18.75 in accepts for October, that doesn’t meet the US$20 threshold for payout, so that would carry over to the next month, as part of the Current Earnings on Account in November. But you wouldn’t see the US$18.75 in the Earnings Subtotal report for November, since that only reflects money earned via customer accepts and bonuses for the month of November.
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