How much will I be reimbursed for verifications?
Posted by Tammy Falkner on August 18 2009 03:08 PM
Experts who are verified successfully will be allowed to receive 100% of their Accept and Bonus monies up to the cost of the verification. (For example, a U.S. CPA will pay $8 to the third-party verification service; if successfully verified, when they receive an Accept on a $9 question, they will be entitled to have $8 placed into their JustAnswer account, $8 being 100% of the first $8 of the $9 question. Then, if their typical percentage is 50%, they will be entitled to have 50% of the remaining $1 placed into their JustAnswer account. The grand total would be $8.50 rather than the typical amount of $4.50.) In other words, JustAnswer will be sharing in the cost of the verifications with all Experts who successfully make it through the verification process and go on to gain Accepts on the site. JustAnswer decided on this reimbursement process so Experts would not bear the full cost of the verifications (except in cases where Experts do not pass the verification process or do not go on to gain Accepts on the site) and to demonstrate JustAnswer's commitment to this process and belief that it will improve the quality and success of the categories for Customers, Experts and JustAnswer alike. Experts will see these reimbursed amounts placed into their Expert earnings account upon receiving acceptances after being successfully verified.
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