Another Expert has been requested, but I know the answer. Am I locked out?
Posted by Tammy Falkner on July 23 2009 08:24 AM
There are a couple of ways that customers can request specific Experts to answer their questions. They can go through the question box in the Expert's profile and this will give the Expert a lock on the question for a period of time. If that's the case, no other Expert can answer. Customers will also address an Expert by name in a post if they have worked with that Expert before and feel confident about the Expert's answers. While other Experts are not locked out of answering, it's proper etiquette to accept that the customer knows who they want to work with and Experts who are not requested should not reply. The only exception to the rule is when the customer has been waiting for an extended period of time. In that case, the customer can either email [email protected] and have a Moderator edit the request, or they can post a follow-up note on the page asking for someone else to step in. If they do, other Experts can then answer. If the customer has been waiting and the requested Expert is offline, another Expert can also post an Info Request to ask the customer if they'd like to continue to wait, or if they would accept an answer from someone else. That leaves the choice up to the customer. Of course, requests such as this are customer driven and the customer chose the Expert because s/he feels like the Expert can do a good job. As in all things, treat other Experts as you'd like to be treated.
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