What is Prove It or Lose It?
Posted by Tammy Falkner, Last modified by on March 31 2008 02:05 PM

In order to compete with the free answer sites, JustAnswer has to prove that the service is top notch and that it's provided by Experts in their fields. That's what sets JustAnswer apart from those other answer sites. Now that we have more customers getting answers and more depositing customers than ever, JustAnswer can focus even more than it already does on the quality of the answers that are provided by Experts.

In conjunction with the verification program already in place, JustAnswer also has a "Prove It or Lose It" Program. It is just what it sounds like. If you're asked to provide proof of any item listed in your profile, you will have to do so or JustAnswer will close your account. All new Experts will be notified during the sign up process that this program is in place so, hopefully, new Experts will be honest about their credentials. This program will also apply to existing Experts.

Here's how the program will work. We will implement an "Expert Challenge" program that will allow one Expert to anonymously challenge the credentials of another. If you win and the Expert's profile has untrue information, the money will be taken from the other Expert's account before it is closed and the Fee will be returned to you. If you lose, you pay for the verification. If the other Expert refuses the credential verification, their account will be closed and the Fee will be returned to you.

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