Do's and Don'ts for new Experts
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Please do:

  • Make sure you spell the customer's name correctly.
  • Spellcheck before you post. It only takes a moment.
  • Think about how your mini-profile appears. Customers who haven't paid yet get an e-mail that you've answered them. Are your title and qualifications for that category sufficiently impressive and personalized that they will want to pay to read your answer?
  • Include a link to back up your information. Customers like web sources when they back up answers you're providing.
  • If in doubt, click Need Info and ask for more information. Although this signals to other experts that you are working on a question, it does not truly stake out your territory, especially if the customer replies after you've gone offline.
  • Be sure to check and verify your links once your answer posts.

  • Be professional, courteous, and thorough.

  • Avoid short, uninformative answers such as "Click this link." or "Yes, that is right. Goodbye." Customers are looking for more "bang for their buck".

  • Use a greeting and a closing statement. It is more professional.

Use with caution:

  • Smileys, emoticons, cartoons
  • Badgering customers to accept, add bonuses, and leave feedback in your signature. This is especially problematic in an info request, when customers don't understand why you're asking them to accept. Fine to remind them subtly--just don't overdo it.
  • Humor. It's a powerful tool in the right hands and with the right context. But do you want your dentist cracking jokes as he approaches with a big syringe? How about an internet dentist that you've never met?

Please avoid:

  • Plagiarisms, typos, rudeness, name calling. These are grounds for removal from the site.
  • Religious messages, unless that's related to the content of the question.
  • All CAPITAL LETTERS, especially in color.
  • Listing your e-mail address in response to a posted question. If customers e-mail you, we cannot ensure that you get paid for answers. Please keep the discussion on the answer page.
  • Fights with other experts on the answer page. This is not the way to disagree in front of customers. If no one accepts, everyone loses. Use the reporting tools for problems, and let the mods handle it.
  • Telling the customer if a question has been miscategorized. Simply report the miscat and let the mods move it. If you've learned it was miscategorized after responding, go ahead and indicate that you'll find them a legal expert to help.
  • Berating an abusive customer on the answer page. Please report the post to a moderator.
  • Answering questions from underaged customers. Report them, instead, so a moderator can take appropriate actions.
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