I want to apply to be an Expert. Where do I go?
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How the evaluation process works:
  1. Fill out the application here.
  2. Fill out a profile for that category.
  3. Answer all the test questions for that category. You can do them all at once or return another day.
  4. The questions are evaluated by JustAnswer Administrators. After they're done (usually 2-3 business days), we'll notify you and let you know if you're approved or not.
  5. If you're approved, you'll be able to answer questions from Customers immediately.
  6. To answer questions, go to the question list and choose your category from the menu. Remember that as a new Expert, there are restrictions: you can answer any question that's not prepaid, and you can answer questions that are prepaid that are at least 1 hour old.
Places to look for more info:
  • FAQs for experts or click Help at the bottom of the page and then click FAQs for Experts.
  • Your mailbox. As a new Expert, we will e-mail tips and links.
  • Spend some time on the site. Read questions and answers from long time JustAnswer Experts and see how they work.
  • Finally, use the support form to request technical assistance.
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