What are the compensation levels for new Experts?
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Compensation Overview

Payment Structure for New Experts

As a new Expert you will need to progress through a total of 3 Stages before you become an Unrestricted Stage 4 Expert which enables you to earn the same earnings as the tenured Experts on the site. Below is an overview of the stages and their Payment Structures.

Accepted Answers

When a customer accepts an answer, the accept revenues are split depending on the different Expert Stages. The details of the split are listed below. Here is an example of the Stage 4 Expert Split.

Stage Percentage of Accept Earnings Paid to Expert
1 25%
2 25%
3 35%
4 50%


If the customer is incredibly satisfied with the service provided, the customer can also elect to pay a bonus. All Experts who have not progressed to Stage 4 receive a flat bonus payment of 50%. After progressing to Stage 4, the payment structure changes to a flat payout of 75% of the bonus.
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